What Makes A Quality Cougar Dating Site?

Features That Make For The Best Cougar Dating Sites

Cougar dating is a rite of passage. It can signify the changing of a boy to a man. Dating a cougar opens up a whole new side of life to men that most did not imagine existed. It can be life changing. It’s also a lot of fun and creates experiences and memories that last a lifetime. With so many obvious advantages, it isn’t any wonder there are so many cougar dating sites. With so many choices how do you know which one to use? Fortunately, there are a few tell-tale signs that tell you that you have the right site. – Go Here for 5 signs you have found a winner on an online dating site.

Cougar Dating Site Feature #1: – Appearance

If you do not like the way a site looks from the onset, you won’t go any further. That is true of most Internet users. If the initial appearance of the site isn’t pleasing to you, most people will not go much further into the site than the first scroll down. Everything from the colors to the size of the buttons makes a difference and must be aesthetically pleasing. The font is also important. It should be fun but not silly and still convey a safe feeling despite the obvious play at hand.

Cougar Dating Site Feature #2: Ease of Navigation

Any site worth a thing must be easy to use. It could have the most amazing and free benefits but no one would use them if they were not able to find them. The font should be large and easy to read. Any directions on the site should be easy to figure out and uncomplicated. It needs to be so easy to use the use barely knows they are using a technical website. It should flow easily and freely from one page to another and back again just as easily. There should be a simple to read menu to navigate all the pages of the site.

Cougar Dating Site Feature #3: Privacy and Safety

One big issue that people seldom think about is safety and privacy. They just assume that it is taken care of and everything is fine. They believe that the websites they use are impenetrable to fraud and no one would dare try to harm them there. The sad fact is that all websites can potentially contain harmful people and scam artists. It is up to the user to check the sites security features and their privacy terms and make sure they fit into their needs. The site must have proper security encryption (How security encryption works) as well as a full array of privacy features for the user before it can be considered safe and useful.

Cougar Dating Site Feature #4: Photo Options

The best sites of all have the most photo options. You want to be able to really get a good idea of what your cougar really looks like. There should be options for more than one profile pic as well as different albums. It’s important to give everyone a chance to describe themselves adequately as well as see others with a full description. It’s also a good option to offer users a way to have private photo albums that are only available by invite only.

Cougar Dating Site Feature #5: Messaging Features

There is nothing worse than really enjoying a great cougar site and suddenly realize that there is a limit on messaging. It is no fun to be falling for someone when you stop getting messages from them all together. It’s really bad when you don’t realize there was a limit to messages and just think she stopped talking. It also sucks to have to choose who to keep messages from and which ones to erase. If a site allows you archive your old messages and doesn’t force you to limit your messaging or pay extra fees, it could be a great site to fit your needs.

Cougar Dating Site Feature #6: No Fees

You should never have to pay for love. You really shouldn’t have to pay for any human interaction but that is a different article. One of the greatest features a cougar site can offer its users is free membership. The free use of its site isn’t a big sacrifice for any cougar dating service who gets a larger part of its income from advertising. Giving the site up for free is not only no big drain on revenue but it’s also larger gift to the community. Hooking up cougars and cubs is a noble position most services are happy to offer for free.
The real key to knowing if your cougar dating site is quality is to gauge its usefulness to you. As long as your personal information is safe and you have no worries about your financial information, the biggest concern is if you like it. If you are having fun, and you like how everything is working for you, then you have the right site. A cougar dating site cannot work for you if you aren’t digging it.