Simple Tips for Successful Cougar Dating

Simple tips for successful cougar dating

Cougar dating is a lot of fun and has plenty of other advantages as well. It is something every man has given some thought to and most have tried more than once. The fact is that the stigma that once used to follow cougar dating couples no longer exists. It’s just a label much the same a May/December romances. It isn’t particularly as pleasant or romantic but it is just a label. Just because it is more common and accepted by no means translates to easier or equivalent to a normal age range relationship. In fact, it could be said that it is harder to get and keep the attention of a gorgeous cougar than a younger woman. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips to successfully pull off a cougar dating relationship.

Be Yourself

This may sound trite but it is never more valuable information than in relationship to a cougar. They value authenticity and honesty above all else in a relationship. The worst thing you can do when you are trying to get involved with a cougar is to try to be someone you aren’t. Learn how to be yourself at this link. They can spot insincerity a mile away. It is always best to just put your best foot forward and be who you are with a cougar. They are not as judgmental as women younger than them and are more likely to overlook some physical flaws if they like who you are as a person.

Spare No Expense

The real truth is that most cougars are going to choose you no matter how much money you make. If she likes you, that is. That is the great thing about cougars. They have tried going for men based on outer appearance and learned valuable lesson. They tend to see inside and try to decipher the person there. All the more reason to spare no expense when you take them out on the town. Every once in a while it is important to take her around town and buy her an expensive meal full of rare delicacies. It shows that you are proud to be with her and that you enjoy giving her nice things in life. Those kinds of gestures and movements make a cougar’s heart melt.

Don’t Underestimate the Netflix and Chill Nights

Not every night has to entail fancy dinners and entertainment to impress a cougar. In fact, most younger guys don’t think that the Netflix and Chill culture pertains to their cougar dates but it does. They also appreciate the thought and planning that goes into a staying-in date. They understand it doesn’t just fall together but requires hours of planning and preparation. Staying in for a date is just as much fun for cougars as it is for younger women. It all depends on the woman’s personality and the timing of the date.

Make No Assumptions

This one is a good one to follow in life in general, especially your dating life. Making assumptions about a person or relationship you are involved in can only lead to suffering and pain. The reality of any given situation is dependent upon who is involved. Each person views reality according to their own specific persona. Their experiences and life events throughout their life make each person’s reality of the same situation different. There is no real way to gauge what another person means or will do from simply being around them. It doesn’t change even if you have known that person for a very long time. You are still unable to correctly assume what someone will do or what they will say. Your best bet is to ask questions until you are relatively sure what your cougar wants and then make a move based on those answers.

Have a Plan

Know what you want before going in. Dating a cougar is not the time to be unsure of yourself. (10 Rules For Dating A cougar) These women like confidence and make no bones about it. They have been through the insecure and self-doubting phases of life and are no longer confined by the chains of those days. They don’t want to help you through them. They want a guy who already knows what he wants and chooses to make her a part of his reality. When you approach her be sure if you want a one-night-stand or a few dates and proceed in that vein. Do not let anything stop you and exude confidence along the way. This type of attitude is what cougars truly admire.

These simple tips will give you cougar dating success. Most important of all of the tips is the first one. If you get that first tip down well, you have it made. Be authentic. Be who you are. Don’t put on airs and you will have the cougars nibbling from your palm.