Can You Meet Cougars on CraigsList’ Casual Encounter Section?

Can You Meet Cougars on Craigslist Casual Encounter Section?

Casual sex is the name of the game on the Craigslist casual encounters section. Since the classified style website first blinked onto your screen, that section has invited all of humanity to place and answer ads for whatever type of sex they desire. Dominatrix or submissive? It’s there. Fetish fella? You’ll be right at home. Any sort of kink you can imagine is represented at some point. If its cougars you’re into, you won’t be disappointed. You can meet cougars on Craigslist easily. Success in the casual encounters section of Craig’s List depends upon several things.

Meet Cougars on Craiglist with a Great Approach

No matter where you meet a cougar, she is always going to be a cougar. They are turned on by the same things they are elsewhere. Being on one website or another does not mean their interest change or their personalities morph into something else. Cougars, like all women, appreciate a man with some class. They can tell if you have any class by your approach. Finding a cougar with an ad on Craigslist is just the beginning. The hard part comes when you have to make first contact. Even though the site is for sexual encounters, you still have to have some modicum of class. Just coming off with some dirty talk will not get you chosen as the lucky cub. You must have a really witty response letter that doesn’t come off perverted but does sound sexy.

Have Your Ducks in a Row Before You Meet Cougars on Craigslist

It will take some trying, but eventually you’ll get a response from one of the cougars whose ad you answer. Trial and error will be a big part of getting that response but a lot will depend on your intrinsic personality and how well you can get it across. When it happens, you’ll be dumbstruck for a few minutes and then realize that you have to make a move. It is at this point that you will be glad that you got all your ducks in a row before the big moment arrived. Have a next move ready and flawless. Do you have a place to take her? Are all your safety precautions in order? Make it happen.

Be Careful When You Meet Cougars on Craigslist

Speaking of having all your safety precautions in order, this is a must-do if you’re going to meet cougars on Craig’s List. We have all heard of the Craigslist Killer but men do not have a monopoly on murder. Nor shady behavior, for that matter. Every year there are news stories about women luring men to a hotel and robbing them after a Craigslist encounters meeting. It is an absolute must to have safety precautions in line before you ever head out the door. Make sure someone else knows where you are going. Do not take any extra money or expensive items. Stay aware of your surroundings. Be alert to any strange people hanging around or odd behavior from your date.

Meet Cougars on Craigslist with Your Own Ad

If you have decided the way to meet cougars is to put up your own ad, there are some things you should know. The wording in your ad needs to be perfect. Cougars have a highly-trained bullshit detector and they can tell if you are worth the trouble just from reading the few lines of your Craig’s List ad. You can’t be too vulgar but you have to direct enough about what you want to get your point across. Use a photo if at all possible. It should be clear and a full head shot. If you can’t see yourself putting it out there like that in the ad, promise all who answer will get a nice, clear photo. Be clear about what you’re into and what you want from the encounter.
You can meet cougars on Craigslist casual encounters section. It is no different than any other online dating venue. The question is not whether or not you can meet a cougar on Craigslist but if you can employ all your skills to get one to meet with you.