How To Meet A Cougar Without Leaving Your House

How To Meet A Cougar Without Leaving Your House

One of the most miraculous advantages of this new technological universe is the ability to do most anything right from the comfort of your own home. There is a whole world of entertainment, shopping and work opportunities within our living room grasp. The average human with internet access can find anything from a college education to a call girl without ever leaving the house. It is a simple task of knowing how and where to look. There are websites dedicated to connecting cougars and guys who want to meet them, but you can easily find a cougar in other places as well. Read on to learn how to meet a cougar from the comfort of your home.

How To Meet A Cougar Online

There are a lot of cougar hunting websites available (See List). Do a quick search and you’ll find dozens of dating sites solely for that purpose. They are just like any other dating site except that everything is geared toward relationships with large age gaps favoring the women. Users set up a profile and browse the site for other users that strike their fancy. Using messages, forums, blogs and group chats to connect, once you find a match your able to make plans to meet up at your place later. Viola, a hot, sexy cougar delivered right to your door.

How To Meet A Cougar With Magazines and Newspapers

Almost all periodicals have section of classified ads in the back. The last few pages will be filled with work from home ads, time share opportunities and personal ads galore. Depending on which publication it is, the ads can get pretty racy. Take a closer look at these back pages and you may find a few ads placed by horny housewives or bored professional women looking for a young stud to take to pasture. The key is to answer as many of these ads as possible. It gives you better chances at getting a response. Remember to put your best foot forward in your introduction letters. Be funny, smart and send your hottest pic. Read why Newspapers are not dead!

Use a Hotline to Meet a Cougar

Stay up late enough and you’ll start to see the sex hotline commercials on television. As long as you’re not watching the Disney Channel, you’ll begin to see some racy sex-mmercials after 1 a.m. or so. – WATCH VIDEO – They will feature some gorgeous person who is in need of your attention immediately. Call one of the numbers and they will connect you to another person in your area looking for the same type of attention you are. You can specify your required age and location and if not, keep trying until you find someone who fits your needs. All it takes is some time and conviction and you’ll have a cougar on her way in no time.

How To Meet A Cougar Through Your Friends

Never underestimate the power of friendship. Make sure all your friends know you are on the hunt for a new cougar to romp with. Get the word out that you are looking and see what turns up. If your friends and relatives know you are willing to get setup with any hot, available cougars you have that many more chances to find one. Throw a party or invite some friends for a cocktail and you may find yourself on a cougar blind date right in your own home. Play your cards right and you can probably get her at your place all alone.

Use What You Have to meet a Cougar

You may be surprised if you take a look around your own neighborhood with new eyes. Perhaps you have never looked at that hot widower on the corner. Take another look and you’ll be surprised at her curvaceous hips and brilliant green eyes. What about that single mom across the street? Her kids leave every weekend and she is always sitting on the porch alone with her glass of wine and thick paperback. Her long blonde hair sliding down her shoulder. Sometimes it doesn’t take more than a trip around the block to find a cougar to take home.
It isn’t as hard as you think to meet a cougar without ever leaving the house. Take stock of your resources and put them to good use. Once you commit yourself to finding a cougar to spend time with at home, it’s just a matter of time before your spending lazy Saturday mornings with the paper and your favorite cougar.