How To Tell She Is A Cougar

How To Tell If She Is A Cougar - How To Tell She Is A Cougar

So you are wondering how to tell she is a cougar. We as men have an evolutionary drive to seek out as many and varied sexual encounters as possible in our lifetime. It is bred into us from the earliest existence and housed in our DNA. Inescapable. We crave female attention from those we find desirable. In recent years, the female landscape has changed considerably and a whole new field of excursion has opened up to us. Tremendous victories in skin care, cosmetics, health and technology has allowed women to stay healthy, beautiful and radiant much longer than in years gone by.

Before these advances extended the shelf life of older women in the sexual marketplace, they were largely forgotten by the mainstream male population by age 40. Today’s women are hotter, sexier and more willing to play in their maturity than ever before. Because of all these miracle advances, however, it isn’t always easy to tell if a woman is a cougar. Below we have listed the main characteristics that can tell you if you have stumbled across that rare breed of woman; the cougar.

How to tell She is A Cougar – Wardrobe

If you’re wondering how to tell if she is a cougar, a study of her wardrobe can be of some assistance. A cougar can go one of two ways with her wardrobe choices. Some choose to relive their party days and show off their hard earned muscle by wearing clothes designed for younger women. There are no age labels on clothing. There are no tags on miniskirts that say “27 and younger”, but most women stop wearing trendy, risqué clothing as they grow older. Once they hit 30 years of age, dressing sexy seems like more of a burden and a waste of time. A cougar, however, can slip into a leopard print miniskirt and thigh high boots in a moment’s notice and not think twice about it.

Cougars can also go the exact opposite route and wear classic cuts and pencil skirts that exude sex appeal but bring to mind Hollywood starlet of the 50’s or even the peace and love days of the 60’s and 70’s. Clothing stereotypes do not seem to register with the modern cougar who is proud of her looks and physique.

How to tell She is A Cougar – Career

Your cougar is a self-sufficient woman. Click Here to see the signs of a self-sufficient woman – In your quest to find out how to tell if she is a cougar, pay close attention to how she discusses her job and career. Unless she took her ex-husband to the cleaners in divorce court, she is a worker. Upkeep for the modern cougar is not inexpensive and she probably has kids and/or grandkids she is helping to support. Cougars not only work steadily but they enjoy their jobs and thrive in their chosen fields. They talk about their work a lot and it may even become boring. It probably will become boring. OK, it will definitely be boring at times but she wouldn’t be a cougar if she wasn’t so invested in her career. So suck it up, and enjoy the rewards.

How to tell She is A Cougar – Bareback is Back in Style

Cougars are most often in a point in their life where unexpected pregnancies cannot occur. Click Here To Learn When A Woman Can No Longer Get Pregnant. They may be past child bearing years, have had a hysterectomy or their tubes tied. Whatever the scenario, cougars are often willing to have sex condom free. Common sense tells us this shouldn’t happen on the first few sexual encounters but it is one of the perks of dating a cougar after a while. If you’re in a committed, trusting relationship with your cougar, bareback is definitely an option. Many men simply do not like the feeling of a condom and dating a cougar gives them a chance at worry free sex in their chosen capacity.

How to tell She is A Cougar – Sexual Confidence

If you haven’t figured out how to tell if she is a cougar by the time you bed her, you will soon. Cougars are sexually confident in a way younger women are not. They have sexually experimented, researched, read articles and books. They have watched movies for years before you were even interested in the opposite sex. All in preparation for the day she became a cougar and you her cub. Once you’re in bed with a cougar and the action starts. You will have no doubt that she is indeed, a cougar.

How to tell if she is a cougar is really just common sense. It isn’t quite as easy to judge a woman’s age by her looks anymore but there are myriad other ways to tell. Simply paying attention to her, her life, conversations and behavior will tell you a lot about her, even if she is a cougar or not. Don’t depend on appearance alone. Some women look far older than they are. Just as many look much younger than their real age. You’ll have to do a little investigative research of your own to make the final determination.