How Many Cougars On Tinder?

How Many Cougars On Tinder?

If you are a guy looking for cougars on Tinder, it may seem like it is a hopeless case. All your getting is a lot of younger women and some 30’s somethings that just look like horney housewives and not the full cougar experience you are really striving for. Recent polls show that there are almost 4 million women swiping on Tinder per month. It is about a 50/50 split with men. The company says half their user base is 18 – 24. That leave the other half of the women 25 and older. That doesn’t leave many cougars to swipe. Instead, a better idea may be to spot the cougars who use Tinder.

Cougars on Tinder are Smart

You can tell a cougar on Tinder because she is the one who doesn’t have the cutsie emojis on her bio. It says something normal about her personality and interests. You won’t catch her bragging or saying anything vulgar. A cougar knows what she wants and the best way to get it is not by drawing unnecessary attention.

Cougars on Tinder have Sexy Pics

You can always tell a cougar on Tinder by her bio pic. Younger women want to show off their breasts or barely cover at all. They’ll make duck lips and pose with muscular men or other duck lipped girls. A cougar’s pic will have a lovely view of ample cleavage beneath a warm and inviting smile. Her sparkling eyes will drag your attention up and you’ll know she is a cougar.

Cougars are on Tinder for Fun

When you do find a cougar on Tinder, keep one thing in mind. They are not using the app to find Mr. Right. Unless you mean Mr. Right Now. Most cougars on Tinder use it for the same reason anyone else does. The just want to hook up and g about their business. Not many are in search of a relationship. This is most likely because cougars have been through a variety of relationships and feel confident whether they are in one. If it happens, fine. If not. So be it. If you have found a woman like that, you have found a cougar on Tinder.

Cougars on Tinder are Confident

Cougars on Tinder are there to find a cub to play with. They want to feel a younger mans arms around them. They want to feel the muscle and soft skin first hand. That is all they want. They provide for themselves. They need no help with their daily lives. The only thing they want from you is sex and companionship for a few hours. When a woman needs nothing from you but sex, she feels very confident. Confidence is a sexy trait in a woman. A confident woman has a way about her that intoxicates most men. Usually, only older women can achieve this very specific type of confidence.

Cougars on Tinder Answer Quickly

You can usually tell a cougar on Tinder by how fast she responds. Cougars do not like to waste time or play mind games. They are all about experiencing pleasure and loving life every day. When they get a message from someone they respond asap. It is either to hurry along the anticipated fun, or hurry along someone she doesn’t want to interact with. In either case, she takes care of business. You won’t find a cougar on Tinder leaving you on read. If she likes you or doesn’t. You will know it.

Catch the Attention of a Cougar on Tinder

Cougars on Tinder are not very prolific. They are not going to be around every turn. You won’t find them at every third swipe. When you do, you want to make sure and grab her attention. This is harder to do than with other women. One of the most successful ways is to make you give her a reason why you swiped on her. It cannot be just because she is hot although it doesn’t hurt to mention that too. You must give her a reason that shows you are interested in her farther than just her good looks. Give her some indication that you are turned on by more than a nice set of tits.