How Apps Have Changed How We Date Cougars

How Apps Have Changed How We Date Cougars

Just about everything in life has been changed by apps and technology. In the few short years since 2007, Smartphone apps have changed the way we date cougars. Dating rules change as society does regardless. As we learn new things and incorporate them into our lives, our dating lives are affected. We do things differently and take on different roles and responsibilities. The first dating sites changed things dramatically, despite only being accessed by PC. There are several things the onset of these apps have done to help in the quest to date cougars.

Location Based Results on the Spot Helps You Date Cougars

With all Smartphones and apps using GPS and WIFI functionality to pinpoint locations, these apps also use the same features to date cougars by locating potential dates and other cougars in your exact area in real time. This can help you date cougars whenever it is most convenient for you. While browsing the site you can automatically see if the person you are interested in is close enough to grab a coffee. The biggest problem with this feature is that people forget to use it. They sometimes turn off GPS functionality and forget to turn it back on.

Easy Sign-ups Also Helps You Date Cougars

You wouldn’t think easy profile creation would have much of an effect on how you date cougars, but it does. People are so much more likely to use an app to date cougars if it is as simple as possible. Dating websites that we first saw took at least 30 minutes and sometimes more just to sign up. This fact alone was a big deterrent. No one wanted to spend that much time just to get started. As things became simpler, more people decided to give it a try.

Real Time Responses Are Important When You Date Cougars

Different from websites, dating cougars on an app sends your notifications to their Smartphones in real time. You get answers to your messages, flirts, winks and requests in real time. It can take only minuets to get an answer to what used to take days. This small improvement has changed the whole pace of dating cougars. No matter what time of day it is or what day of the week, you can meet someone and arrange a date within an hour.

Better Safe than Sorry

Dating cougars via an app is so much safer than many of the online dating website for cougars. Those sites often share your information and are not secure. None of your personal information is shared with potential partners or others on the app. A lot of the apps do not even ask for your information. It is left entirely up to you who you share it with. You should be careful not to share your information until you know the person very well.

Frequency of Dating Cougars Changed with the Apps

Not only is dating cougars a whole lot easier, but you can do it at a much higher frequency rate as well. These cougar dating apps are so easy, you can find and set up dates one after the other. Its possible to do several in a day. You can be a beginning cougar dater in the morning and 24 hours later be an Intermediate dater. By evening you’re an old pro with 10 or more dates under your belt. While these figures are a little high, they are certainly possible with the lightening speed of todays dating apps. There are so many benefits to dating cougars. It can be a blessing in many aspects of todays busy life. Using an app is just another great way to date cougars. There are opportunities near your own home but when you use an app you are meeting women who have signed on for the same exact reason you have. You don’t have to worry about why they are there or what their goal is. Apps can be free or have a
subscription fee. They will all have the same basic features but may offer a few small benefits over one another. The key is to try them all and find one that really does what you need it too. It is also a good idea not to get to attached to one singular app. Try several and always be on the look-out for something new.