Easy Hacks to Help You Date Older Women

Easy Hacks to Help You Date Older Women

So many younger men have this misconception that it is hard to date an older woman. They see the distinguished beauty, the confidence, and the ability to stand on her own two feet and they are taken-aback. They aren’t sure how to approach an older woman, much less ask her for a date. Every man goes through a stage where he wants to date older women at some point. For some it lasts a lifetime. For others the urge to date older women lasts just a few years. There are even some men who age never occurs to them. They see only the person. No matter which side you’re coming from, there are a few easy hacks that can help you take the plunge and date older women whenever the mood strikes you or the opportunity arises.

Don’t be Creepy When You Date Older Women

When you first date older women it can be a surprising situation. If you don’t know what you’re in for, you will be surprised at how much they know about sex, (VIDEO —> Why Mature Women Are Better In Bed) pleasing their partner, and enjoying life. Your first trip to bed with her is apt to be a mind-blowing experience, no matter how sexually knowledgeable you are. Don’t let the amazing sex turn you into a creepy, stalker type.

Be Authentic When You Date Older Women

If you are serious about trying to date an older woman, you have to be authentic. Cougars can smell a fake a mile away. These women have been around the block. They have seen their fair share of fakes and shysters. If you do not approach them with some form of authenticity, they know immediately. There is no way to pull a fast one on a cougar. Date older women by truly being yourself.

Don’t Think You Have to be a Millionaire To Date Older Women

A big misconception among guys who date older women is that you have to be wealthy. While it always helps to have money in your pocket, it isn’t necessary in the least. Older women are able to take care of themselves and just might take care of you too if your lucky. They have had years to build a profitable career and obtain homes, cars and a treasure trove of fundamentals that you may have not even thought of yet. As long as you have a job, you can date older women.


Have Good Hygiene Is Important When You Date Older Women

One thing an older woman will not tolerate is a stinky man. A bar of soap is a great friend to have if you plan to date older women. – Read Some Grey Hygiene Tips For Guys Here – Don’t skip the shower when preparing for your date. Its one thing if you meet her at work, and your sweating from labor. It is quite another to roll into the bar five hours after work smelling like body odor and grease. Take a few minutes to clean up and use deodorant. Clean under your fingernails. Put on some cologne. You don’t have to have thousand dollar digs on to impress a cougar. They just have to be clean.

Mind Your Manners When You Date Older Women

You should not think that you have to have manners from 1955 to date older women. Opening doors and pulling out chairs is nice. Its what you should be doing for any woman on the street. What you don’t have to do it light her cigarette every time, escort her to the restroom, or ask permission to hold her hand. Older women are aware of the change in social standards and don’t expect you to act like their high school prom date. Just a few common courtesies are all she expects.
When the urge to date older women begins to creep up, there is no reason to panic. There isn’t much difference to dating an older woman than dating a woman your own age. The name of the game is simply to put your best foot forward. Put yourself in her shoes. Consider your behavior and decide if it something you’d like to be confronted with, or perhaps your mom or sister. It isn’t rocket science, guys. Date older women by just being you, the very best you that there is. You’ll be surprised by the friendly reception you receive.