Cougar Dating Tips for Millennials Who Want To Date Cougars

How to Date Cougars For Millennials

Are you considering cougar dating? Are you a millennial who wants to date cougars? All men do at one point or another. There is always that inevitable hot cougar that graces your path somewhere in life that starts the wondering. Eventually you give in and taste the forbidden fruit to find out just how sweet those older berries get. Some guys feel being a millennial knocks them out of the seat for cougar dating. Learn what it means to be a millennial at this link. They just don’t think they have the skill. Not true. It’s is both exciting and daunting to think of taking a cougar out on the town and then to bed. Fear of messing it up can lead to the ruination of the whole date. Luckily, there are several tips that millennials can use to ensure their cougar dates turn out perfectly for everyone involved.

Date Cougars Tip 1: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Give it your best shot. I’m not kidding. I know this advice sounds trite and broad but the truth it, it works. Most of the cougar stereotype is malarkey but there is one small portion that rings true. They are wise. Their few extra years of life experience give them far more than street smarts or book knowledge. It gives them wisdom that only comes from practice and life. They have an intuit that can only be described as uncanny. If you take a cougar out for some underlying reason or mean her harm she can tell immediately. It isn’t hard for a cougar to tell if you feel ambivalent toward her or have a lack of respect. If you aren’t trying your best, she will know and could easily lose interest.

Date Cougars Tip 2: Pull Out Your Bag of Tricks

For real. Every little bedroom trick you have should be pulled out, dusted off and rebooted. Cougars are no joke in the bedroom. They have mastered a few tricks of their own and they know what they want. Sometimes that’s a deadly combination. Cougars have lost most of the modesty and shyness that younger women have about sex and their bodies. Older women have been around the block a few times and know what to expect. They have previous practice to look back on as well as the benefit of years of thought and preponderance. If you don’t learn something sexual from your cougar dating experience, you did it wrong.

Date Cougars Tip 3: Treat Her Like Any Other Woman You Have Dated
But Better

Cougars don’t like to be reminded they are older than you. They already know. At the same time, they want to be respected and enjoyed for their uniqueness and the perks they bring to the table. That is why you want to treat her just as you do any potential fuck buddy or GF. Make jokes, buy her coffee, take walks in the park, however you get your MACK on. Don’t change things because you don’t think shed enjoy it or not be able to do it because of her age. Instead, treat her just the same but always keep in mind that she is a little like a queen among princesses. Pay reverence and you’ll be treated like her King.

Date Cougars Tip 4: Upgrade Your Life

This means everything. When you are looking for a cougar to date, you will want to upgrade everything to find one that will rock your world. Upgrade your leisure time activities, your look, conversation skills and everything else. Take your game to the next level or you might not make the play-offs. Cougars have had the benefit of a few extra years to get their act together but they expect you to be on par with them. You won’t find them in sports bars or campus pubs playing beer pong. Catching a cougar requires savvy, sex appeal, and a lot of savoir faire. Making an upgrade to your personal attire and maneuvers can only help catch a classy cougar.

Date Cougars Tip 5: Keep It real

The best tip that anyone can take pertaining to cougar dating is to be 100% real. This cannot be stressed enough. Cougars are real no bull kind of people. They don’t waste time with people they feel are toxic, liars or not authentic. If you are playing games or trying to come across as something you aren’t, you will not make it far with a cougar. The best thing about cougars is their open minds. They are open to a surprising amount of relationship ideals just as long as they are privy to what you want from them. Just because a man wants a no-strings-attached sexual relationship doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t date a cougar. There are plenty looking for the same thing. Lying to her or playing games with her will ruin the relationship no matter what you wanted from it or what she was willing to give you. You will never know. Be honest from the start and you’ll enjoy this cougar relationship and more to come.