What Cougars Really Think About One-night Stands

What Cougars Really Think About Cougar One-night Stands

When it comes to dating cougars, no one knows what they really think. These women are mysterious. They aren’t needy or desperate. They have their own lives, careers, and friends with pastimes you’ve probably never even experienced. They can be hard to gauge at any stage in a relationship, but most of all in matters of sex. Cougar one-night stands are absolutely mind-boggling. From deciding to approach her about it, all the way to figuring out how to end it – this is a hard topic. Many guys want to automatically assume cougar one-night stands are beneath a woman of stature but that simply isn’t true anymore. Their stature in life is exactly why cougar one-night stands are appealing to them. [One-night Stand Rules Everyone Should Follow]

Older Women are Busy When It Comes To Cougar One-night Stands

Cougar one-night stands serve a purpose for them just like they do you. They have busy lives and careers and cannot always find the time to fit in a relationship. It is often easier to find a person who she finds attractive and engaging and work out all her sexual frustrations on him. She may or may not want to see you again. Alternately, she may not mind seeing you again in passing or at a party but not be interested in sleeping with you again. Cougar one-night stands help her relieve sexual stress without having to commit. Especially when her life is overflowing with other issues and stress.

Cougars are Kinky When It Comes To Cougar One-night Stands

Maybe she’s married or in a committed relationship. There are myriad reasons cougar one-night stands occur. Maybe she is just bored, and you look like a good time. Whatever reason she has, if you’re the lucky guy that gets caught up in a cougar one-night stand, don’t ask any questions. Roll with it. Cougars are experienced sexually and aren’t shy about going after what interests them. If she wants a little NSA fun, she will let you know.

Cougars are Uninhibited When It Comes To Cougar One-night Stands

Cougar one-night stands are not a fascinating new concept. To the contrary, cougars have watched a lot of sexual revolution take place over the years and were having one-night stands before you had y our first erection. Growing older doesn’t mean growing frigid. She will have the same urges and desires as any woman of any age. A cougar one-night stand is the same as any other except maybe a little more easy-going.

Mature Women Have Needs Too

It could be that she is between relationship. It may also be that she is interested in sex but not in a relationship. Cougars have sexual needs and desires just as any other person. That does not necessarily mean that she is interested in a relationship of any kind. A cougar one-night stand can just be what it is; one night of fun and passion with an older woman.

Cougars Demand Discretion When It Comes To Cougar One-night Stands

If you are luck enough to find a cougar one-night stand, you’ll have to keep your mouth shut. Do not tell your brother, cousin or coworker. If she gets wind you have spread the word you will never have the opportunity again. Not only will she never give you the time of day again, she will let all her friends know that you have a big mouth. Not just her cougar friends either, every girl she knows will know you kiss and tell. No one likes that.

Spontaneity is Fun for Everyone When It Comes To Cougar One-night Stands

Spontaneity is not the sole domain of the young. Cougar one-night stands happen with regularity because they enjoy that hot, spur-of-the-moment, attraction just as other aged women. Its an ego booster and makes you feel sexy, wanted, and attractive. When she gives you the come-on, don’t hesitate.

You know what’s up

Cougar one-night stands are just as acceptable as any other age woman having one. Just because they have a little more life experience does not mean they have no sexual desire or no need for kinky after-hours fun. Cougars may not seek out one-night-stands, [The Dos & Dont’s Of One-night Stands] but they don’t shy away from either if it fits the nightly bill. One of the many exciting things about cougars is they aren’t afraid to make decisions about their own sexual lives and desires. With any luck, you’ll be able to figure that out for yourself.