5 Tips for Cubs Who Want To Catch A Cougar

5 Tips For Cubs Who Want To Catch A Cougar

It’s it every young man’s dream, at one point in life or another, to find themselves in a hot and steamy relationship with an older woman. Cougars are known for being experienced and uninhibited in bed but also independent and the least clingy of the species. We all want to try it, some of us try it three or four times and even settle down with a cougar for the long haul. There’s no doubt about it. There are a lot of advantages to dating a cougar and because of that very reason, it isn’t easy to catch one. It takes a very precise combination of factors working together for a cub to catch his perfect cougar. Luckily, there are a few tried and true tips to put into play that never fail. Use all the tips below to ensure you always catch the cougar you have your eye on.

#1 – Location, Location, Location

A big part of finding a hot cougar to spend your spare time with is being in the right place. You will not find a cougar hanging out in the same places you find their younger counterparts. Bars and nightclubs are great places to find a woman of any age but the type of woman depends on the type of bar. It stands to reason that you won’t find the same type of woman in a sports bar as you would a sushi bar. You can follow the same line of reasoning to deduce older women do not populate the same type of bars younger women do. Lively, loud and raucous pubs are more likely to attract the younger crowd, both male and female. Older, wider and more refined people will more likely frequent lounges, martini bars and places with extensive wine menus.

#2 – Dress for Success

While it doesn’t matter so much what you wear, but more how you wear it for a cougar, your outfit should match, be clean and from the current year. Fashion tips for 20 somethings. It would be worth the time and money to go out and get something new just for the occasion. Price and brand names don’t go as far as color and cut to a cougar assessing your look. Try to stay trendy but keep it as classically cut as possible. You can never go wrong with a modern tilt to a classic look. Check out a few editions of a men’s magazines to get an idea of what hip and what’s not. Look at other men’s wardrobe both older and younger than you. Taking the time to put some effort into your wardrobe will make a great impression on any cougar. They value your time and thought more than younger women.

#3 – Hygiene and Maintenance

Many men are under the false assumption that only women spend a great deal of time on their appearance. Usually, a men age they realize just how much women appreciate this factor in a man and begin to take it to heart. Start by getting a great haircut (Some ideas here) that you can easily manage. Any hairstylist will be able to tell what will look good on you. Shaving and trimming facial hair is of the utmost importance. It’s a good idea to use a soft aftershave that isn’t overpowering. Nails should be clipped and clean and teeth brushed. It takes more than a few minutes to take care of all the stray hair and odd peculiarities of the human male so be prepared.

#4 – Confidence, Self-Esteem and Low Ego

Let’s face it, it isn’t just cougars who appreciate a guy who isn’t a big blow hard and can actually have a normal conversation. Cougars, however, seem particularly attracted more to a man’s mind and thought process than his body. It is the combination of self-control and confidence with a young hot, body that drives them wild. You don’t have to show off for a cougar. They are more impressed by your silent confidence than any tid-bit you can feed them. Allowing her to contribute to the conversation and not completely governing it conveys a sense of confidence that cougars gravitate toward.

#5 – Don’t Push it

Cougars do not like to be rushed, pushed, stressed and dictated to. Do not try mind games or passive-aggressive moves. All would be to no avail. Cougars do not have time for the bullshittery that the younger generations have yet to see through. One of the greatest gifts of growing older is the clarity of life that you are given. Cougars do not intend to waste that on some jerk who doesn’t know what he wants. That doesn’t mean all cougars want to be involved in serious relationships. Many do not. They have a been there- done that mentality and prefer to just casually date with no strings attached. They key is to be honest about what you want because if you mess up with a cougar, you most often do not get another chance.