Why women over 30 make the best sexual partners

Who makes the best sexual partners

Wine gets better as it ages and the same is true for many of life’s pleasures. The progression of years always adds a bit of flavor to life, whether it’s the life of a bottle of wine of a lovely woman. Women over 30 just make for the best sexual partners & every man should date a mature woman at least once! As women age they become more sure of themselves and learn from each year’s experiences. They become more well-rounded people and are aware of their own thoughts, feelings, needs and wants. The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction released a report in 2012 that showed finding to support the theory that throughout the years of a relationship women become more pleased with their sex lives as men become more content with the relationship in general. The changes that take place in women as they age can be a catalyst to a happier, more satisfying sex life. There are several reasons why this happens.

Child Bearing

Some women want children from an early age and spend much of their childhood and teen years daydreaming about the family they will have someday and the names they will bestow upon their children. There are also girls who never dream of having children but dream instead of other aspirations and desires. Having a child doesn’t seem as important to them as other women. Still yet, there are women who want children and also want to fulfill other goals as well. After age 30, most women are turning their attention less toward raising children and more toward their own inner desires. By 30 years old, most women have school aged children and more time to devote to themselves and their own wants and needs. Sexual satisfaction is often high on that list once a woman finds she now has the time to dedicate to herself. While she can still become pregnant at 30, she is aware of the various forms of birth control, what works for her and how to keep accidents from happening. Getting pregnant and taking care of babies and small children is no longer an issue and she is free to concentrate on her sexuality.

Men Get Better

AS we age, we become more satisfied in the relationship we’ve been in as a whole but not always with the sex in particular. Because of this, we become more sensitive to the woman’s needs. We want to heighten the experience for both of us so we are intent on giving her an orgasm or two and providing enough foreplay to make the experience suitably exciting from start to finish. As men age we start to put her sexual needs in front of our own more and more. Women are knowledgeable of this fact whether consciously or subconsciously and loosens them up as they age with us. They feel our shift from horny young man to more gentile and seductive gentleman and respond accordingly.

The Numbers Game

Even if you are considerably younger than your 30 something gal, you’ll still find her age is a blessing. Just by sheer common sense you can figure she’s had a couple more sexual partners than girls younger than her. She has had more years of experience because she has been around longer. It’s just numbers. Her few extra partners could mean a lot of extra experience you can learn from in the bedroom. Just one or two more partners than other girls doesn’t mean she’s slept around. That one relationship could have lasted years and years, just the fact that she has had steady sexual experience can mean a world of difference when it comes to making love.

Confidence and Sexuality

Confidence and sexuality go hand in hand. Older women have been around the block sexually already, several times. Heck, they could already be world travelers but what it all boils down to is that she knows what she wants and what she likes. More than likely, she’ll be able to teach you a thing or two. Most men have had a sexy older woman fantasy at least once in their life and when it happens, it’s something they never forget.

No Hidden Agenda

When you date an older woman, there is no hidden agenda to be afraid of. By the time a woman reaches and surpasses age 30, she isn’t as needy or dependent as younger women. Thirty somethings tend to be more comfortable in their own skin and not so eager to catch a husband as they are to have a great weekend before a hectic workweek. Women at this age are as intent on pleasing themselves as they are the men in their lives. It can be very refreshing to meet a woman who enjoys your body but doesn’t secretly plan to trap you in a relationship or snag a promise you aren’t ready to give.
Nowhere on Earth will you find a more sexual partner than a woman over thirty. If the opportunity comes knocking, be sure to answer.