How To Pick-Up Older Women

How To Pick-Up Older Women

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he seeks out the company of an older woman. Every guy gets a crush or two on an older woman as he’s growing older and sometimes the urge to pursue it is hard to resists. It is not hard to pick up older women but it does take some skill. There are a few hard and fast rules you must master before you can successfully pick up older women. Check out a few gentleman’s magazines. There is always a plethora of articles on how to pick-up older women complete with hints, tips and suggestions. Here are the basics:

Pick-Up Older Women with the Look

If you are going to hunt down older women for romance, you have to know what they like. You aren’t going to pick up older women in cargo shorts and flipflops. Slide show: Style ideas for men. There is a very specific look to what older women are attracted to. The biggest factor is style. Not necessarily the trendy styles, older styles, or famous styles. Just YOUR style. Older women prefer a man that is well-kempt in any style he chooses. Clean, tidy and stylish are the words for the day.

Pick-Up Older Women Where They Hang Out

Start to familiarize yourself with the places older women hang out in your area. If you live in a larger city, martini bars and classic lounges are a good place to start. Anywhere that serves fine wines and music will be beneficial to you. An outdoor café with frothy cappuccinos and checkered table cloths will undoubtedly have a few older women on the prowl for their very own hipster. Smaller towns have available older women in their rustic bars and lounges. Try a coffee chop and a grocery store isle. Continuing education classes at the local college can usually net you a few hot older women out for fun.

How To Pick-Up Older Women with a Great Sense of Humor

It isn’t a myth! Women of every type enjoy the company of a man who can make her laugh. Every relationship or compatibility test ever made can tell you that. Women always list a sense of humor as one of the sexiest traits a man can possess. Laughing is clinically proven to lessen anxiety and improve health in many ways. Being around a man that makes you laugh is especially important to older women because they are at a point in their life where they want to enjoy the people and circumstances around them. They value the good things in life and seek them out with a vengeance.

How To Pick-up Older Women With Authenticity

One lesson you will learn very quickly when dating older women is they can smell a lie a mile away. Great Article: How to Catch a Liar – If you are pulling some kind of game or hope to pull the wool over her eyes somehow, you are going to have a hard time accomplishing that goal. Older women have been around the block, so to speak. They have seen more male shenanigans than you know how to pull. On the rare chance that you do manage to lie to her successfully or arrange some ill-behaved mischief you know isn’t acceptable, you won’t find the same old confrontational bull-crappery that you will with younger women. In fact, there is a good chance you won’t even see here again once she gets wind of it. An older woman absolutely will not stand for anything she feels is disrespectful.
Learning how to pick-up older women is a simple thing but it takes dedication and some common sense. You cannot use the same tactics with an older woman as with a younger woman because different things impress them. The whole game is different. You must start from scratch and develop an authentic personality that showcases your true self. Create pick-up lines which entice older women to want to get to know you and see what your all about. You must be a bit mysterious but honest and credible. Have your own personal style down pat and be confident in it. Do not be afraid to approach an older woman with your new look and attitude. Show confidence in yourself and she will too.