How to Pick-Up Cougars at The Beach?

How to Pick-Up Cougars at The Beach?

Summer is prime cougar hunting season and there is no better place to find them than the beach. Cougars, just like other women, enjoy a day in the summer sun. Sunny days boost the immune system and help keep depression at bay. Beach days are always happy and sometimes a bit tipsy. Learning how to pick-up cougars at the beach is easy. There are a few simple rules to keep in mind and al y our beach days can be cougar-ful.

How To Pick-up Cougars By Matching Her Game

The first thing you will learn when your attempting to learn how to pick-up cougars at the beach is to match her game. If she looks like a million bucks and rivals any younger woman gracing the sand, you’ll need to make sure your game is just as tight. If she has obviously worked hard on her beach body, she isn’t going to exactly jump at the chance to date a pudgy, doldrum like you. At the very least, take the few weeks before beach season to trim down and tone up just a bit. Not only will you look better but you’ll also feel better, which makes a big difference in your appearance too.

Blanket Placement is Crucial When Picking-Up Cougars At The Beach

When you sit around wondering how to pick up cougars at the beach, do not underestimate the importance of blanket placement. A beach of any caliber will have miles of gorgeous sand. Walking every inch of that sand before deciding where to spread your blanket. You must ensure you are in the bronze arena of cougardom. Take special care that no families are near you. Kid and family can ruin the best of cougar hunting days. Set yourself right in the middle of as many cougars as you can find.

Learn How To Pick-up Cougars By Grabbing Their Attention

One of the most important parts of learning how to pick-up cougars at the beach is grabbing her attention. You can’t get her home with you until you get the ball rolling and that can’t happen until you grab her attention. Start by showing up in your best beach body wrapped in your best swim trunks. Cougars love the youngness you own. Use it to catch her eye. Women of all ages love to see men being men, so use your young male hotness to grab her attention by horse playing with your boys, sunning your muscled body, and just being a guy on the beach. Dance a little, sing a little and laugh a lot. She will notice you. Guaranteed.

Learn to Read Her

Body language, eye contact and knowing how to read her is an important part of how to pick-up a cougar not just at the beach, but anywhere. Watch as the young, perfectly tanned, bikini-clad women strut the beach like they own it. Those women crave attention and will either play every man she comes in contact with, or want to dominate his every moment. You can also assume that is true of any woman wearing makeup to the beach. Instead, focus your attention on the sexy cougar sitting confidently in her own skin, smiling at you.

Skip the Pick-up Lines

No matter what you may think to the contrary, pick-up lines do not work. If you really want to know how to pick up cougars at the beach, start by beginning a real, genuine conversation. Being at the beach is a great help. At bars, you are limited to what you can say above the music or between songs. You have a definite advantage to being at the beach. There are so many more opportunities to strike up a genuine conversation. Ask her to swim, bat a volleyball around or stroll the beach. You’ll be getting to know each other before you know it. READ – The 25 Worst Pick-up Lines –
Knowing how to pick-up a cougar at the beach is just a matter of thought. Get your ducks in a row by looking your best, setting up in the most advantageous spot, getting her attention and skipping the pick-up lines. Put a little preparation into your approach for the best results and before you know it, you will be teaching others how to pick-up cougars at the beach.