5 Cougar Sites You Have Never Heard Of

5 Cougar Sites You May Not Have Heard Of

When you first start your cougar dating adventures, there are so many things you want to check out. Those first few years are like an amusement park suddenly opened only to you. You can’t believe you never tried it before and don’t know why all your friends don’t have cougar girlfriends. Everything is new. From the local bars where cougars hang out, to the meet-ups, blind dates and cougar sites, you will find them all fascinating until the new wears off. After a while, you look for new and different cougar sites whenever you can. Below are a few cougar sites that you may not have heard.

Ageless Love

AgelessLove.com I not a dating site but a message board dedicated to the cougar/cub relationship. It isn’t the type of cougar sites you’re are used to, but it does the trick with an old school kind of efficiency. People log on with a chosen username and password. You aren’t associated or verified by your Paypal or Facebook accounts. You can keep your anonymity and reveal it at your discretion. It is free, and you get to know each other without restrictions of a cougar site. —-> See Site

Seeking Cougar

This cougar site does not have all the bells and whistles that some of the other ones do, but it has a firm grasp on all the basics required of a cougar site. You need a large customer base as well as an easy way to connect them. A great search feature with just few filters serves the purpose. You can join for free and take advantage of their news videos, email service and date ideas. There is a lot to be said for this little cougar site. It doesn’t have a ton of features but it has all you need to find a cougar for a NSA night of fun. —–> Visit Site

Cougar Life

This is a cougar site that is a little more slick and professional looking than most. It is also a little more well-known than most as well. It has a beautifully feminine color scheme and profiles that are interesting to confident cougars on the prowl. It is safe and secure too so if you decide to spend the money on a subscription you know you won’t have any trouble. There are some pretty cool features as well. Private photo sharing, coffee date set-ups, and a real understanding of how the cougar/cub relationship works makes this cougar site worth the effort. —-> See Site

Date A Cougar

Date-a-Cougar is the most well-know cougar site on the list. It has the largest customer base and has been around the longest. There are no restrictions as to country. You can end up with a cougar on a whole other continent or just around the corner. There is private photo sharing, messaging and chatting as well as a plethora of games, icebreakers and photo albums to browse. The fun just doesn’t stop on these cougar sites. —-> Visit Site


If you’re really looking for anonymity in a cougar site, Cougar69 is the best possible choice. It has all the features that you need but not the big budgets. There are no big fees and all the features are the same as with the big cougar sites. This little gem has a large customer base as well. There are more than 3million members and it grows each year. They offer unlimited emails and 100% confidential sign up. —-> See Site

While all these cougar sites are great, they are not without their downsides. Smaller, lesser-known cougar sites like these may not have all the bells and whistles of the bigger cougar sites but they can often accomplish the same things without asking for a subscription fee. You will see more ads from other companies and commercials in place of the fees. The benefits that matter most will depend on your personal needs. Do not be afraid to check out these smaller cougar sites. You may find just what you need. One thing to keep in mind is that you do not use the same cougar dating site forever. You move on and add others to your route. Discover new cougar sites to find new people for friendship, romance and no-strings-attached hook-ups.