The Best Cougar Dating Apps To Find A Sexy Older Woman

Best Cougar Dating Apps

Younger men hooking up with older women has been a cornerstone of mid-20s dating since dating has been around. As a guy in your mid-20s, the dating scene can get stale. The odds are that since you graduated college, most of the names in your little black book are filled with women who also recently graduated college and are just as dumb and confused about what to do next in life as you are. But what can you do to find women who have their shit together, can actually hold good conversation about fine wine and good travel, and aren’t as broke as you are? Well, that question is what leads most guys to enter into a relationship with a sexy older woman at least once while their still young. The best part is that, with today’s smart phones, it’s even easier than ever to hookup with pretty much anyone who want to. Just take a look at these most popular apps used to find a cougar to spice up your love life a little.

1. Cougar Dates Online

Cougar Dates Online mobile app is free and is adding new features constantly, making it one of the most popular apps available to pick up a mature woman. And of course, this app makes it even easier for older women to find young men interested in trying something new. The app connects directly to the website, and allows for instant private messaging and even video chatting, all free. The big complaint that anyone has about the app is that the atmosphere seems to be much more hookup-oriented and less about forming a meaningful relationship. If getting it on is all you want, give it a shot!

2. Older Women Dating

Older women dating is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular, online site for young sexy men and older sexy women to meet, and the free mobile app boasts high usability. Whether you’re looking for a little bit of fun or you actually want to find love outside of your age group, Older Women Dating has platforms to give you what you want. This app and site both also have been touted as being much more secure than other dating and hookup sites and apps designed for cougar match-ups. So, if security is a big checkmark in your “pro” category, then this might be the app for you.

3. Cougar Friends Date

Want to find some local cougars (or if you’re a cougar, are you looking for a sexy cub?) as soon as you feel the urge? The website now has a mobile app that connects directly to the website, making managing your profile for either extremely easy. You can filter age, area, anything you need to find exactly what you’re looking for. Security has been a little more relaxed on this site compared to more intense dating apps and sites, so be sure you don’t give out too much personal information too quickly while using it. That’s a good rule of thumb for any dating app or website though, honestly. If other apps aren’t giving you a hookup fast enough, give this one a try and leave patience for another time.

4. Tinder

I know what you’re going to say: Tinder is not a dating app for finding cougars. It may seem like a stretch, but a little creativity with this app can give you exactly what you want without needing to download a completely separate app to find a more mature sexy woman than you have on Tinder already. Avid Tinder users know that you can filter through the pictures that come across your screen in a variety of ways, including age. If you love Tinder and don’t want to download a new app to find a cougar, simply change your age range to include older women and they’ll start popping up faster than you can believe. From there, just left swipe or right swipe like you always have and watch the conversation fire up into a relationship or a quick one night stand.
There are plenty more fantastic websites and connected mobile apps to use to find that cougar of your dreams and learn how different a relationship can be when you think outside the box a little. Just remember to stay safe (Learn how to safely date online) and not give out too much personal information or meet complete strangers without having a good safety plan first. Having tons of fun with a sexy older woman doesn’t require you to be an idiot about it either. Whether you’re looking for a date or a hookup, good luck and have a good time!