5 Reasons Why You Need To Try Cougar Dating

Why You Need To Try Cougar Dating

Cougar dating is nothing new, nor is the desire to try cougar dating. Younger men have been seeking out older woman since the first teacher/student fantasy took place. Older women have their fair share of fantasies about the younger men in their lives as well. Hollywood has always taken its turn at memorializing the relationship in all its variety (View Slide Show). The truth is there is little stigma left and most men are eager to try their hand at a May/September romance. While there are plenty of reasons to date a cougar, the big five reasons why you need to try cougar dating are listed below.

Reason #5 To Try Cougar Dating – Independent

Older women are more independent in every part of their lives. They have friends they enjoy spending time with when the chance occurs. They have jobs to go to and careers to maintain. They have enriching hobbies and interests that take them off in their own directions. Cougar dating is different in that older women just don’t want to be with you all the time. They are independent women and if they choose to be with you it is because they want to be with you and not because they have to be or need to be. It’s a great feeling when you realize it.

Reason #4 To Try Cougar Dating – Sex

Who doesn’t know that sex with an older woman is always better? It is because of the years of experience and trial and error practice. They have read more, seen more movies and had more hands on experience because they are older and have lived longer. Cougar dating gives you the benefit of all that knowledge. Older women are also in less of a hurry for sex than younger women. They aren’t interested in looking hot and putting another notch on their lipstick case. What interests them is long, slow lovemaking that pleases both partners.

Reason #3 To Try Cougar Dating – Money

Another arena where cougar dating is beneficial is financially. Cougars have had the opportunity to seek out the best career for them and cultivate it. They’ve had the benefit of years of education and on the job training to be able to rake in the high salaries. Cougar dating allows you to date someone who won’t need your help financially. She is able to not only support herself but maybe give you a hand too. If not lending you money, a cougar can help you plan, budget and invest like a pro. It just makes sense that a person with a longer job history would have more experience managing and making money.

Reason #2 To Try Cougar Dating – Drama Free

Cougar dating is the least drama filled situation of any romantic experience. Younger women have yet to figure out where their head truly is and because of that, they stay in a state of perpetual drama. The slightest thing will cause an emotional blowup and tears for hours on end. Cougars are different. They don’t care about how much time you spent on Facebook or where your paycheck went. They aren’t concerned with your boy’s night out, either. Cougars are too busy in their own lives to pay too much attention to what you’re doing. As long as you treat them with respect and interest, they will reciprocate in spades.

Reason #1 To Try Cougar Dating – Education

I’m not talking about textbooks and No. 2 lead pencils here (unless were talking role play). No, what I mean by education is life lessons. Cougar dating can take you to the next level in so many parts of your life. Your cougar can teach you about, sex, money, and career moves but she can also teach you about patience, perseverance, and how to deal with pain. She can be a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold. Even if you school education is comparable, her life experience is way beyond yours and she is willing to share what she’s learned.
The biggest and best benefits that you’ll get from cougar dating will be very specific to you and your cougar. The relationship between a cougar and a cub is very personal. In order for it to work, there has to be a connection of the mind and body between them both. When this happens it binds them together in such a way that even if they break up, they will remain in each other’s memories forever. The time they spend together become golden memories that each cherish long into the future. When this relationship happens it’s because both participants have found something in the other that they enjoy. Your cougar has seen something in you that makes her happy. There are great benefits to being with anyone who feels so deeply for you in any capacity. Use your time cougar dating wisely. Don’t take advantage of it. It is a remarkable experience that you will be able to glean advice from for the rest of your life. Go ahead, take the leap.